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About pSquared...

pSquared Photography is a joint venture between photographers Julia Percival and Chris Pirson.




Julia has been a keen photographer for a number of years.  Somehow, in amongst her photographic exploits, she has managed to find the time to complete her PhD in Chemistry.


Dr Percival holds an academic position at the University of Surrey and manages to combine work with her astonishing array of other hobbies; including climbing, felting and generally causing mischief.

Chris has probably spent more time sat behind a camera than doing anything else.  His passion for photography stemmed from travel and a desire to represent the world on film (or, as it turns out, digital).


Chris does not have a PhD.  But, not to be outdone, he is reading for one in Immunology & Microbiology.  His hobbies generally include anything that is capable of making a noise, or moving very quickly.