• When electronics meet photography...

    I’m not normally one to get all excited and blog about the latest bit of kit that’s just been announced. To be honest, I don’t generally follow the development of new equipment any more, more the ethos of it. But today Sony have announced their latest pellicle mirrored camera. It isn’t very interesting.

    What is worthy of some consideration though, is the rumour that Sony executives have announced that from now on they will concentrate on their translucent technology. This is a quiet, and potentially rather sly way, of telling us they’re giving up on traditional optical viewfinders.

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  • This week I have mostly been photographing….

    Butterflies. No really….I know its January - I have been at RHS Wisley with my Dad for a ‘Butterflies in the Glasshouse’ workshop. I arrived at silly’o’clock in the morning on a grey rainy Tuesday with almost every piece of camera equipment I own. My dad even had a suitcase…with wheels!

    The butterflies are inside one of the large tropical glasshouses, there are a number of exotic species that live at Wisely for a short period every year. They are sent there as pupae through the post (ewww) and they emerge in cages in the glasshouse.

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  • 2011 in review

    Well, it’s New Years Eve and there is probably a no more opportune time to reflect on the past 12 months than today. And wow, what a year it’s been. pSquared was started at the end of 2010 and we covered a total of 2 events that year. In 2011 we covered 10 and we think that’s pretty good going.

    Our year started off with a personal shoot for a lovely couple who were celebrating their anniversary. When they first met, they would take long romantic walks around the centre of Guildford and wanted to re-enact these early times and capture them for posterity.

    We had a great time running around Guildford that day and our clients were blown away with the results.

    February brought us an introduction to the lovely people at Harwoods Group. Through a mutual friend, we were invited along to cover their Jaguar Ride & Drive day.

    It was a long day and, although we were both feeling the pressure, our results clearly impressed as we were invited to photograph the launch of the Aston Martin Cygnet at Harwoods Aston Martin in Chichester. It was a hectic few hours and the showroom was busy with people coming to see the cars.

    In May we were invited to photograph 60 school students aged 11 - 13 at University of Surrey taking part in the Salters' Festival of Chemistry. The day involved three activities, the "Salters' Challenge", a "University Challenge" and a chemistry magic show and prize giving.

    Also in May, Harwoods Group held Land Rover Experience event at the Coombelands Stables in Pullborough. We had an amazing time driving round the off road course on a glorious day in the Sussex countryside.

    July brought probably our busiest month of the year. Another Ride & Drive day for Harwoods Audi, a publicity photo call for the Guildford Sinfonia, an amazing day at the Gold Cup Polo hospitality suite and our very own inaugural photowalk along the South Bank.

    Finally, we rounded the year off with a celebration. Petersfield Young Farmers celebrated their 75th anniversary and we were flattered to be asked to cover the whole evening from the first guests arriving until the rowdy and debauched survivors left. As the Young Farmers would say… “a good night was had by all”!

    All in all, it’s been quite a year for us. We’ve gained clients and we’ve made friends. But best of all, we’ve been taking photos and you can’t really ask for more than that.


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  • What makes you a photographer?

    The title of this blog might seem rather contrite but it stems from an article I read elsewhere on the internet entitled “Buying a DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer” and this made me wonder…. What does make you a photographer? It seems obvious that it can’t be just kit, but obviously some people think it is…

    Over the past 10 years, the availability of good quality camera equipment to everyday consumers has grown almost exponentially. A decade ago, all the way back in 2001, the best digital SLRs you could buy where the Canon EOS-1D and the Nikon D1X or D1H. Top of the pixel tree was the D1X with it’s 5.3 megapixel CCD sensor although the Canon and the D1H did have ISO which could be pushed all the way up to 1600.

    These cameras had 2” screens and not a lot else yet the EOS-1D would have set you back $7,000 (US) and the D1X and D1H cost $5,500 and $4,500 respectively. In today’s money that’s the equivalent of £5,500 for the Canon.

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  • The pSquared London Photowalk

    As I write this post, I realise that it’s been much longer than intended since that blazing hot day on the South Bank and the first thing I need to do is thank everyone who came and made it a success. This was our first walk and it won’t be our last.

    And if you’ve not already done so, go and check out the photos here or on our Facebook page

    Of course, going for a walk around London isn’t exactly a novel idea, and neither is taking a camera with you. In fact for those of you near enough, you should all consider attending one of Scott Kelbys International Photowalks. This year it’s on the 1st of October. We’re off to the Oxford walk and it’s going to be a blast seeing walk organiser Glyn Dewis again.

    Our walk wasn’t quite as grand as some but it was still a great day out. Originally planned for the 18th of June, the typical British summer conspired against us and we postponed the walk until the 30th of July. That turned out to be a brilliant idea. Glorious sunshine, bustling summertime London and the Vintage festival on the South Bank? Couldn’t have worked out better.

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