• What makes a photograph a success?

    I wonder how many people do the same thing I do. Do you take a load of photos which you take off the camera and stick on your computer and then leave them there? I do. All the time.

    The other day, I was backing up the last couple of commercial shoots (wow, after the shoot, photography really isn’t glamorous) and I found myself staring at a huge list of folders all tucked away on a secondary hard drive at the back of the computer and they’re stuffed with photos which I’ve never gone back and looked at.

    This got me thinking about how the way we consume photographs has changed and how we tend to just dump them on our computers and forget about them. It’s not that different to the box of photos you’ve got in the loft which you’d forgotten about until now. That old, slightly soft, cardboard archive upstairs comes out every so often and everyone has a tendency to gather around it and see all the old pictures we’d forgotten. Stories get re-told, and often embellished, people laugh and we all have fun. How lovely. You probably have tea and crumpets too.

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  • Primes, monofocals and fixed focal lengths - why you should consider one

    We’re all pretty used to zoom lenses these days - you get them on just about everything. Most compact cameras have zoom lenses (some with pretty huge ranges) and most DSLRs come bundled with a zoom lens as part of the kit.

    Zooms are flexible. They’re compact. They’re useful. They’re practical.

    So why would you want a lens that doesn’t zoom? ‘Cos that’s what a prime lens is - one with a fixed focal length that doesn’t zoom in or out.

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  • So... welcome to the pSquared blog!

    This is kind of a new thing for us so please be gentle with your comments as neither of us has any blogging experience. Obviously there will be technical issues along the way (when aren't there?) but we'll do our best to make sure this runs as smoothly as possible.

    There are a few ideas behind this blog so I thought it would be a good idea to set them down on paper. Then you can tell us if we're not sticking to the brief, not posting frequently enough (or posting too much!) or anything else we're not doing the way you want it.

    First of all, this is designed to give you, the clients, a way of keeping tabs on us. We'll discuss here what we're doing, why we're doing it and how we’re going about it. You’ll get a direct insight into the way we work and how we interact with our other clients.

    Secondly, for all you photographers and Photoshop users, we hope to add links to new and exciting things and also post little tips and tricks that we use or develop, both in camera and in post production. We’ll even give you the occasional walkthrough of how we’ve shot and processed particular pictures, so get your requests ready…



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