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HDR - FAQ, Hints & Tips

HDR images are flooding the internet now and if you’ve ever been fancied having a go, you are probably more likely to do it now than you ever have been.



I am a keen exponent of HDR as a new, hugely flexible and very powerful tool available to photographers which could never have existed using film.



However, because of this explosion in interest fuelled by the ability to get hold of HDR software very easily, more and more HDR (and “pseudo-HDR”) images are being posted all over the internet.  Parallel to this explosion in posted images, and driven by the excitement and interest they generate, more and more tutorials, hints and tips are being posted.  Unfortunately many are inaccurate (or simply wrong).



It is my intention here to address many of the questions I, and other photographers, have been asked about HDR photography.  This is not a tutorial.  If you want one try http://www.naturescapes.net/072006/rh0706.pdf. This is a 10MB pdf file (so be warned) but it's the best, most complete and comprehensive HDR tutorial on the web.  Bar none.



First and foremost I am going to define dynamic range, then try to set right some misconceptions surrounding HDR and finally offer some practical advice.