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Pet/Portrait Photography

Britain is a country of animal lovers and no animals are more loved and cared for than our pets.  Ranging from the enormous to the tiny we can provide a personal service that will produce beautiful images of a beloved animal in their home environment.


Whether you would like framed prints or digital images of your pets or want to give a unique and personal gift to a friend, pet portraits will be treasured for years.

Cosmo Bob

pSquared are genuine "animal people" - Chris has a cat that appears to be made predominantly from fluff and Julia has two Degus, small Chilean rodents that can chew through almost anything if they put their minds to it.


We have been taking photos of animals for many years at home, in captivity and in the wild.  Julia prefers to take action shots of animals doing what they do best, be it galloping horses or birds of prey.  This type of image is popular with pet owners who want a different type of portrait to the straightforward studio style.

Chris favours a closer, more detailed approach and enjoys taking pictures with a sense of personality to them.


For some of our favorite images of animals, visit the Photos page.


If you would like an animal portrait or know someone who would appreciate a session with their pet as a unique gift please e-mail us at [email protected] or use the  contact us page to discuss your ideas.