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Photography Tutoring

Are you one of the many people that have found a new interest in photography thanks to digital technology?


Or perhaps you've always been interested in taking pictures but you've never had the time or inclination to learn the basics?


Maybe you've recently bought a new camera and want to get out of those automatic modes?


Are you flummoxed by

f numbers?  Stumped by

shutter speeds?  Irritated

by ISOs?  Confused by

crop factors?  Aggravated

by apertures?  Perplexed

by Photoshop?


If you want to take your

photography to another

level, you need to

understand the basic

principles and how your

camera works.  


With more and more manuals coming on CDs (and who can be bothered to sit at a computer and read them, or print them off?) people are more and more reliant on their cameras doing the thinking.


Break out of that cycle with some one to one tuition on how to use your camera... in your own home or out and about at a location that suits you.  The level of tuition can be tailored to your existing experience, from a complete beginner to someone who wants to take a particular style of photo such as "wildlife" or "low light".


E-mail us at [email protected] for more details.


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